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Sober Hero

Inspired by recovery.

Be a Sober Hero.

A Sober Hero is a person who recognizes his or her own need for help and reaches out to get it – or a person who becomes an instrumental supporter in someone else’s recovery. It’s heroic to be a positive example for your kids by overcoming the challenges of addiction and mental health conditions. It’s heroic to stand in the gap with someone and hold an intervention. It’s heroic to make long-term plans to support your own or someone else’s recovery.

Foundations RecoveryFoundations Recovery can help you become a hero. We provide both residential and outpatient treatment for addiction and mental health conditions. We’re focused on you – the whole you – in order to achieve lifelong healing. Your story might be complicated. You may be carrying a lot of heavy burdens. We meet you where you are with compassion and without judgment, because we know that simply summoning the courage to ask for help takes a heroic effort.

Getting sober, staying sober and learning to manage mental health issues are feats to be celebrated. But how do you get there?

You start with a helping hand from our team. We have the clinical expertise and research-proven methods to move you forward, but we also focus on you as an individual. You get your own recovery plan, tailored to your specific needs. And through the Motivational Interviewing process, we’ll map out your goals and help you reach them.

Our Treatment.

Foundations Recovery uses an integrated treatment that address addiction and any co-occurring mental health conditions simultaneously. Through the use of the Foundations Treatment Model, our specially trained staff members address not just the surface addiction but the root causes as well.

All of our treatment facilities have a commitment to focus on patient-centered care, a philosophy of treatment that emphasizes the needs, personal goals and long-term success of the individual. In 2011, we received the James W. West Quality Award from the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers for our Patient-Centered Care Initiative.

Residential Treatment

Our residential programs have the flexibility and focus to meet you right where you are. Choose from seven different facilities in California, Arizona, Tennessee, Michigan and Georgia, all offering co-occurring treatment for addiction and mental health conditions along with specialty groups and holistic therapies as well.

Outpatient Treatment

Those who can’t be away from home and responsibilities or require a less structured setting can find help at one of 14 Foundations Recovery outpatient programs. Choose from day or evening treatment at facilities that put your health and healing first. You’ll gain the tools you need to find lasting sobriety.

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